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Dr. Philip Gallegos

Dr. Philip M. Gallegos, DDS, is a renowned and experienced dentist in Albuquerque, known for his professionalism and compassion. Having worked with thousands of patients throughout the course of his extensive career, he recognizes that each one requires a special level of individual attention and care. This is why Dr. Gallegos tailors every single treatment plan specifically in order to meet the requirements and the needs of his patients.

Amongst other things, Dr. Gallegos places special attention towards educating his patients on the importance of dental hygiene. He’ll spend as much time as it’s needed to provide you with the necessary information and to answer each of your questions.

With care and compassion in his hand and nothing but professionalism in mind, Dr. Gallegos is the dentist in Albuquerque that you’re looking for.

Dr Philip Galegos - Albuquerque Dentist
Jenna Maldonado (Dental Assistant)

Jenna Maldonado

Dental Assistant
Cheryl Rodriquez with her husband and grandson

Cheryl Rodriquez

Patient Coordinator
Vanessa Castenada

Vanessa Castaneda

Dental Assistant
Shelby Arndt - Dental Hygienist

Shelby Arndt

Dental Hygienist
Roberta Armenta - Albuquerque Dental Hygienist

Roberta Armenta

Dental Hygienist