Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

There are a lot of challenges that stem from being actively involved in the practicing of a sport and dental injuries are undoubtedly amongst the most common ones. This is the main reason for which athletic mouthguards which are perfectly fitted to your mouth are a very important piece of your sporting equipment.

With this said, working with an athletic mouthguards dentist is easily the best thing you could do. This is where Gallegos Family Dentistry steps into the picture. We offer custom athletic mouthguards which are made specifically for the athlete in order to prevent any injury during sports playing.


What to Expect?

The truth is that the process for making a mouthguard is quite simple – all we are going to need are a few impressions of your mouth and that’s pretty much it. Once we’ve gotten them, we’ll send them to our dental lab and it will fabricate a custom fitted guard which is tailored to the specifications of your mouth as noted by Dr. Gallegos. The guard is going to arrive in about 2 weeks and you will get it immediately after that. At the delivery appointment, Dr. Gallegos will fit and adjust the guard as it is needed. Once he’s done, he will gladly answer all of your questions and would provide you with the handling instructions.

So, if you are looking for an athletic mouthguards dentist in Albuquerque, you’ve come to the right place.