Periodontal Treatment. Gum Disease Therapy

Periodontal Treatment. Gum Disease Therapy

Regular and appropriate oral hygiene, dental visits and professional cleanings are critical for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and to avoid complications such as a periodontal disease. However, even if you take good care of your teeth, you still may experience problems with your gums and may need a periodontal treatment.

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease stems from constant inflammation of the gums and jawbone. This is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene and/or irregular dental visits and professional cleanings. However, other reasons may include diabetes, hormonal imbalances, and a weak immune system.

Poor dental hygiene leads to build up plaque and the plaque is left on the teeth for long periods of time, it becomes calcified and hardens into calculus. This calculus sticks to the surface of the tooth and between the gums and creates inflammation. If left untreated, this inflammation may cause bone loss, gum recession and even tooth loss in extreme cases.


Periodontal diseases can all be prevented through regular dental visits.

Dr. Gallegos can examine your gums and perform a deep professional cleaning which removes plaque. He will also give you advice on how to brush and floss your teeth correctly.

Periodontal treatments can vary from individual to an individual, so contact us today and allow us to help you out!