Periodontal Treatment and Therapy

Periodontal Treatment and Therapy

Regular and appropriate homecare is critical for keeping the periodontal disease treatment cost low. In case you need periodontal dentist near me in Albuquerque, New Mexico, get in touch with Dr. Gallegos at (505) 503-6720 or schedule an appointment.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease stems from constant inflammation to our gums and bone.  This is caused primarily by improper homecare and/or irregular dental visits and cleanings.

However, it can be caused by systemic diseases such as diabetes, hormonal imbalances.  When teeth are left with plaque for a period of hours to days, the plaque becomes calcified and hardened into what we call “calculus”.  This hardened material sticks to the surface of the tooth in-between the gums and tooth and creates an inflammatory response.  This inflammation will, over time, cause bone loss, gum recession and even tooth loss in extreme cases.  This can all be prevented through regular dental visits and cleanings.  The periodontal disease treatment can vary from individual to individual but most commonly involves a deep cleaning Scaling and Root Planing in the affected areas.

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